Those dozens of people milling around the “security” stops at the airport, do they really make you any safer?

In fact they do not.  TSA, also known as Thousands Standing Around, was created as a key part of the so called Global War on Terror, whose intended victims include the American people.  The purpose of all these searches is to reinforce the propaganda that the White House, Depatrment of Defense, the CIA and the mass media give us every day that says that 9/11 was purely the work of Arab terrorists armed with box cutters and that you, as an American citizen and tax payer, must continue to happily pay your taxes and sacrifice your and your family’s financial stability in order to continue to fund these wars.  This year the 2 major wars are costing $160 billion, or over $5,000 per second and over $400 million per day.

Yet the reasons for the wars, weapons of mass destruction and the 9/11 attacks are both lies.  Many people have known this since the warmongering began, since 9/11.

The purpose of all these security searches is to propagate the false idea that the “bad guys” are out there, somewhere else, and dear Uncle Sam is here to protect you.  You may have to give up your privacy, your civil rights, you may have to let the TSA send you through an unproven full body scanner or fondle and grope you, but by golly Uncle Sam is here to protect you from bad guys.  You must not question any of this and you must not question the wars.  The entire purpose of TSA and what they do is to drill this into your head each and every time you travel.

What can you do?  See our page on “Airport Activism” for how you can at least inform the TSA people (and pilots) about 9/11 Truth.

Thank you for being a patriot, for thinking for yourself and not believing the government’s lies.  Thank you for protecting yourself from the global war on terror.


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