Take Action

Knowledge plus action equals power. Getting organized and taking action equals more power. All politics are local, and there is a lot you can do locally.

We encourage every American to thoroughly study the facts about 9/11 and its consequences, the takeover by the national security state of domestic and foreign policy, multiple illegal, undeclared wars with no specific enemy, no concrete goals, no end in sight, the meltdown of our financial system by those in control, and overall the breakdown of “government of the people, by the people, for the people.” Your conscience should move you to want to do something about this, even something small and local (which does not equate to unimportant, as “all politics are local.”)

Here are some suggestions:

#1) Educate yourself. Read websites, watch documentaries and books and newspapers like the Rock Creek Free Press. At every step think for yourself. Be skeptical. Ask, “How do we know that?” when you find a claim you haven’t heard before. Consider how that claim fits in with what you already know. Consider the evidence behind it. Consider the source. Separate the wheat from the chaff.


#2) Talk to your neighbors and friends about this, both to learn and to teach them. You are guaranteed to learn something form everybody even if only a little more about human nature.
The best collection of 9/11 products we have seen is at this website:


The 9/11 Truth self inking stamp is one of the most versatile and valuable tools out there:


There are 9/11 fact cards you can hand out in public places, DVDs that you can buy and copy for free and give away. Set up a table at your local farmer’s market and print some flyers, reprints of articles you find on this website or on the following websites:



Dr. Tom Tvedten operates the 9/11 DVD Project, which sells 9/11 and other DVDs, a huge variety, at low cost. Dr. Tom will tell you which ones can be copied for free.


Write a letter to your local newspaper. Although they do not get involved in 9/11 Truth, the Friends Committee on National Legislation lobbies for peace and has written some excellent advice on how to write a letter to the editor.


See also:


#3) Advocate for a new investigation. It’s valuable to point out how the common belief about 9/11, that it was purely the work of Arab terrorists, has negatively impacted the lives of just about every American nearly 10 years down the road and will continue to do so. An impartial investigation with subpoena power would uncover, well, the evidence has already been uncovered by 9/11 Truth researchers and activists but it has not been shared or covered by the mainstream media. This would be the value of a new investigation. There are 300 million Americans (give or take). At least 290 million of them have never heard of Building 7 of the World Trade Center and even more have not seen a single video of its collapse. Show people. Then tell them about the Project for a New American Century and how the lies about “weapons of mass destruction” directly relate to 9/11 and the conspiracy to launch these wars.

#4) Volunteer with Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. See:


#5) Set up a meeting with your Congressman or Senator’s staff.

Briefly spell out the evidence for 9/11 Truth. Make sure you remain in control of the conversation and do not get sidetracked by diversions, diverting questions. These are obvious ploys often used by Congressional staffers to avoid the issue because they cannot handle the truth. Make them handle the truth.

If and when you write to Congress, ask for a written reply. Tell your Senator or Congressman that by continuing the cover up and refusing to consider the evidence they are responsible for the deaths of many Iraqis, Afghans, and Americans who will die in these wars. Tell them they owe a personal apology to the families of every one of these victims that has died since they took office. Send faxes to the office and tell them you will contact the local county prosecutor with evidence that proves the Congressman or Senator is guilty of obstruction of justice for their part in the cover up of 9/11.

Organize a peaceful protest outside the Congressman or Senator’s district office. Write a press release (email us at floorhockeyfan@gmail.com for advice on how to do this) to attract the local media to your peaceful protest. The media loves controversy, especially local, and you can help them to cover it by doing a lot of their work for them.

Send a letter to their district office. Letters to Washington, D.C. take weeks to arrive due to mail screening. Of course faxes arrive right away. Emails are way too easy for them to ignore or delete. Follow up and keep applying consistent pressure but with ever changing content. Always seek to add something new to what you have already told them.

As an American, whether or not you are a citizen or old enough to vote, you have the right to know the truth about 9/11.