A clever t-shirt says, “How did


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Yet somehow it apparently did.

If the United States really was motivated by a desire to help the Iraqi people, to give them “freedom” and liberate them from a dictator, why do we need their oil? Yet billions of dollars of taxpayer money were spent and are still being spent on the construction of new U.S. military bases near Iraqi oilfields. This may be related to the “energy task force” that Dick Cheney convened at the White House soon after taking office to make a plan for national energy policy. A big controversy ensued when Cheney refused to disclose who attended that meeting.

Many experts say we are in an era of peak oil. We have already used up most of the planet’s retrievable oil. From now on it will be harder to get and more scarce. The implication is that we will fight more wars for oil. More blood for oil, even oil that’s underneath other countries’ sand. Considering the long history of U.S. and British foreign policy furthering the interests of the oil company (see the CIA’s overthrow of Iranian legitimate leader Mossadeq in 1957) the idea that the Iraq war is about oil has precedent. This is definitely related to 9/11.

An excellent book on these 2 subjects and the connection between them is Michael Ruppert’s Crossing the Rubicon.

Overall this subject is beyond the scope of this website.