Links we like

Of the many websites out there on 9/11, here are our favorites:

The most comprehensive collection of information about 9/11 is Paul Thompson’s 9/11 Timeline. The sources are all from the mainstream mass media. Thompson’s point is that the major media do occasionally report on parts of the truth, but they never put it all together or present it for what it is; evidence that the government has been lying all along.

We could also list some links we don’t like, but that would only give them undeserved publicity and lend them some legitimacy. Suffice it to say that the internet is full of disinformation about 9/11, poorly presented information that if properly presented would support our side, ad hominem attacks, bad science, lies, spin, fear, and other nonsense. Our best hope is that by presenting accurate information enough people will be able to recognize it as such and take action.