The Federal Emergency Management Authority played a big role in 9/11. Most of it is beyond the scope of this site. However I’ll mention a few key facts.

In FEMA’s report on the World Trade Center they said, “The most likely hypothesis has only a low probability of occurrence. Further investigation is needed.”

Next, FEMA’s report included a photograph of a blonde woman in white pants standing in the hole in the North Tower as it burned. The government tells us that the fire right there was hot enough to melt or at least warp steel so badly that the entire Tower collapsed. Yes there was molten steel at the bottom of all 3 towers. But it could not have been 2,000 degrees or so because this blonde woman would have been unable to stand there. This photograph was published in a report by FEMA and another report by NIST.


FEMA was called into action at the World Trade Center on the night of September 10, 2001. The night before.

See also a very interesting story about FEMA photographer Kurt Sonnenfeld, who was there on 9/11. He was able to go into the basement of WTC Building 6 where he saw evidence that the safe had been emptied out before 9/11. He lives in Argentina and the U.S. government has been trying to extradite him. Uncle Sam has trashed his reputation, sent people to follow and spy on him and his family, and wants desperately for him to keep his mouth shut about 9/11. He is a whistleblower and unfortunately the whistleblower laws give him inadequate protection against the National Security State.

Do a web search for Kurt Sonnenfeld or begin with this excellent article from Voltaire Network:


FEMA is part of the cover up of 9/11.