Fear and control

The United States is a nation controlled by fear. A nation in fear is MUCH less likely to rebel, to think for themselves, or even to question authority. A nation in fear is MUCH more likely to passively go along with wars, huge defense budgets, and all of this deficit spending at a time when America is deeply in a recession, a major economic fiasco, with tens of millions of people suffering in America as a result.

Think about it; we do not have enough money for education (class sizes over 40 and school district budgets that had already been cut to the bone being cut even deeper), we do not have enough money for health care (tens of millions of Americans without health insurance) and we do not have enough money just to feed our fellow Americans. Yet we spend hundreds of billions of dollars every year fighting what Washington tells us is “terrorism”. That is the direct result of a nation in fear.

This is not an accident. The people who brought us 9/11 and covered it up for years are working very hard around the clock to keep us afraid.

Their main tool is the mainstream media; TV and newspapers and radio. Read your local newspaper (or one of the big ones) and ask yourself, who or what is the source of this news? Then be aware that the Pentagon was caught about 18 months ago in a wide plot where they had placed dozens of retired officers, sometimes generals, as “expert advisors” to the major news media. Their purpose was to spread propaganda in favor of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It was as if the Defense Department was producing our national news, only not officially. Officially it was still the mainstream media, of whom William Colby (CIA director) once said, “The CIA owns everybody of any significance in the mainstream media.”

Look at it on the individual level. Psychology can be used as a political tool and it often has, as in the entire history of false flag operations. 9/11 was a psychological operation.
When we are scared and angry and somebody (Uncle Sam) shows us who “the enemy” is and offers to protect us from them, if only we will give up our control of our national priorities and budget and our freedom, we are glad to do it.

Now on the other hand if we were thinking clearly, back up, if we were not scared and angry we would be able to think clearly, and if we were thinking clearly we would notice the dozens of major contradictions in the official story and we would say no to these wars. We would say there are needs in America; for food, for clothing, for shelter, for education, for health care. All these hundreds of billions of dollars we are spending on killing innocent people in Iraq (and nobody from Iraq ever attacked the U.S. on 9/11 so all of Iraq is really innocent) could be better spent on Americans’ needs.

Think about this: you cannot carry a bottle of water onto an airplane today. That is purely a measure by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA, also known as “Thousands Standing Around”) to keep us scared. To remind us every single time we fly that 9/11 was an Arab terrorist attack and that we must sacrifice everything to let the government fight an endless war against these terrorists, with virtually no oversight from Congress or the American people and no accountability anywhere. That’s the purpose. You cannot carry a tube of toothpaste or hand lotion over some small amount, like 100 ml. They count the capacity of the container, not the amount of liquid or fluid in the container. It’s just ridiculous.

By the way, in case the Thousands Standing Around have not noticed, even the official story does not claim that the hijackers used bottled water. Or toothpaste. As brazen as the Bush Administration and corporatocracy is, they have not made that claim. So why can’t we carry a bottle of water onto the plane? It’s simple; the government is terrorizing us, you and me, the American air traveler.