Cover up

Why would the government cover up if nothing wrong had been done?!

Exactly. They wouldn’t.

Evidence of a cover up, (remember Watergate) in politics is correctly associated with evidence of a larger crime that is being covered up.

The simple fact is, if the government has nothing to hide (on those rare occasions) they don’t try to hide it.

Generally speaking any time the government is covering up, they are up to no good.

It’s not because they are protecting vital “national security” secrets from the enemy. It’s because they don’t want the American public and the world to know about it.

People don’t cover up unless they are hiding something bad. Either their own crimes or the crimes of somebody they are protecting.

Yet everywhere we are confronted with blatant obvious evidence of a government cover up. Start with the fact that the 9/11 attacks were immediately declared an act of war rather than a crime. The area was roped off. Photographers’ access was extremely limited. It was all under the control of FEMA, which had arrived the night before on September 10. The steel, which provided clues to how the building came down, was piled onto trucks and sent to China and overseas, sold cheap as scrap metal. Some of those columns were 4 inches thick (100 mm) at the bottom. It was extremely strong.

Bush didn’t even appoint a 9/11 Commission (see earlier entry, separate) until 441 days after the fact and after months of pressure from the families of some of the victims. Then he appointed Henry Kissinger to head the Commission. Kissinger resigned as soon as his connections and impartiality were questioned. He was replaced by Philip Zelikow, a Bush insider. We now know that Zelikow and Prof. Ernest May created an outline of the final report of the 9/11 Commission before it even began to investigate. They and Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton, the Chair and Vice Chair respectively, conspired to keep the existence of that outline a secret from the Commissioners.

When Congress sought to investigate in 2002, on one weekend both Bush and Cheney telephoned Sen. Majority Leader Tom Daschle to pressure him to limit the scope of the investigation to the intelligence agencies only. There was so much more to investigate, but Daschle caved in and did as he was told. As the appendix to the Joint Inquiry’s final report shows, the intelligence agencies (CIA, FBI, NSA, DOJ) all fought with the JI and limited its access to documents and people. See “Access Limitations Encountered by the Joint Inquiry”.

The NIST investigations were compromised. See that separate entry.

Meanwhile the mainstream mass media generally refuses to cover this story, the biggest crime of the 21st century. Thus they are part of the cover up. Although they occasionally cover bits and pieces the main story never appears on the front page or anywhere near it. Rather our daily headlines (and this includes the internet sites, such as yahoo) give us pablum, just junk to dull our minds and keep us from thinking about war and peace and the fate of our country and world. The Defense Department clearly writes many pieces which end up on the front page of major newspapers as “news”, when they really belong on the opinion page along with a rebuttal of equal length.

CIA Director William Casey once said that the CIA owns everybody of any significance in the major news media. That explains our news coverage of 9/11, the wars, etc.

An excellent movie on this subject is “The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis”, a 1986 documentary by Bill Moyers made to air during the Iran / Contra hearings. Remember Ollie North and those guys? The Secret Government has a lot to do with 9/11.

We have a free copy of this movie for you.