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See for some CIA officers questioning 9/11, especially Ray McGovern

See the documentary by Bill Moyers in 1986 called “The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis”. We have a copy of this movie for you. Just write and ask for it.

The CIA is an enormous subject, really beyond the scope of this website, but we will give it a shot. You have to understand the CIA and its past in order to understand the secret government of the United States.

In January 2010 Congressman Ron Paul, one of the most outspoken and effective advocates of a legitimate foreign policy in Congress (indeed one of the only ones) made a very revealing statement about the CIA.

“There’s been a coup, have you heard? It’s the CIA coup. The CIA runs everything, they run the military. They’re the ones who are over there lobbing missiles and bombs on countries. … And of course the CIA is every bit as secretive as the Federal Reserve. … And yet think of the harm they have done since they were established [after] World War II. They are a government unto themselves. They’re in businesses, in drug businesses, they take out dictators … We need to take out the CIA.”

The above link contains a 1 minute video clip of that statement.

The CIA was intimately involved in 9/11. For example, when the Joint Inquiry by the leaders of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees investigated the intelligence agencies’ roles in 9/11, the CIA obstructed the investigation by often denying or delaying access to documents. If they had nothing to hide, why would they do that?

Building 7 contained a CIA office. See this article:

This page explains the context and significance of that fact:

The CIA, created in 1947 as part of the National Security Act, supposedly has as its mission the gathering of intelligence in order to protect the United States. In practice however, the CIA from the beginning has engaged in hundreds of “covert actions” in countries all around the world. A cover action is just a government operation that is hidden from Congress and the American people. Gee, now why would our government want to hide their actions from us? These covert actions would be immediately stopped, many of them, if revealed to Congress. In fact this is just what happened in June, 2009, when new CIA Director (with no experience in intelligence) Leon Panetta revealed to Congress the existence of a CIA program that has been going on for years, since 2001, and also revealed that he stopped it as soon as he found out about it. Some Senators including Sen. Dianne Feinstein were outraged that the CIA has been keeping its actions secret from Congress. Sen. Feinstein is the Chair (the chief, the top Senator) on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, so yes if anybody in Congress would know about a given CIA program she would. The rest of the Committee should know too. The entire American people should know too.

CIA covert actions surfaced, came into the public light, in the mid 1980’s with the Iran – Contra scandal. Col. Oliver North even told an open and televised hearing of Congress, “I still don’t see what’s wrong with taking the Ayatollah’s money and giving it to support the contras in Nicaragua.” What’s wrong is that Congress had specifically cut off funding for that war, expressing the will of the American people and Ollie North knew it. The contras were often called “freedom fighters” by President Ronald Reagan. Those “freedom fighters” were fighters against freedom, not for it. They had already been exposed by then as murderers, rapists, drug runners, and totally unaccountable to the U.S. government which was funding them. The only reason Ollie North and the secret government liked them was that they (North and Company, and it was regarded as a company) and the contras both wanted to overthrow Nicaragua’s government because of its ties to the Soviet Union. They tried to circumvent Congress to accomplish their own agenda and for years succeeded, at a cost of thousands of innocent lives. The movie “The Secret Government” by Bill Moyers provides an excellent education in this and other CIA covert actions.

Ortega’s government, under this overt and later covert action by the CIA, and suffering from the usual destabilization actions as well, simply needed to survive. That was the basis of their relationship with the Soviet Union, which provided funding and weapons.

The relationship between Cuba and the Soviet Union was based on similar reasoning, although an obvious difference is that nothing like the Cuban Missile Crisis ever happened in Nicaragua. Cuba, isolated by a U.S. trade embargo since Castro took over, is dirt poor. When the Soviet Union offered money as part of a diplomatic alliance, Cuba accepted. Later on Nicaragua did too. The U.S. had an opportunity early on to create a long lasting, solid, cooperative, diplomatic relationship with Cuba when Castro took over and deliberately turned it down. Rather, the U.S. chose to be Cuba’s enemy. A full discussion of this history is beyond the scope of this book. It is a fascinating history that includes the Kennedy Administration, Operation Northwoods (a false flag operation planned by the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff to instigate a war with Cuba), the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Kennedy Assassination. All of those are part of the same story, and the CIA is right in the center of it all.

The claim that Cuba was trying to spread Communism throughout Central America and eventually invade the United States and turn us all into Communists was bogus from the beginning. Certain powerful people in the Washington, D.C. establishment and the military industrial complex (see President Eisenhower’s farewell address where he warned America about the danger of a consolidation of power by this political / industrial alliance) sought to justify wars that would otherwise not be accepted by the American people. In order to do this they chose to lie about intelligence and create an atmosphere of fear. They were able to point to a real example of an expanding Communist regime, namely the Soviet Union which did take over neighboring countries in Eastern Europe. But nothing of the sort ever happened or was going to happen in Central America. By scaring the American people, warning us of being invaded by Cubans “just like the Soviet Union did in Czechoslovakia and Hungary”, this powerful group of people in Washington was able to create this mass hysteria. The problem for them was that they were wrong. They were using false intelligence. And to our great credit, the American people figured it out, expressed our will to Congress, and Congress cut off funding for the contras.

What we need now is for the American people to figure out that 9/11 is another false flag operation and apply the huge amount of political pressure that will cause Congress to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and here at home, all based on 9/11.

The Reagan Administration was frustrated that the Congress, acting on the desires expressed by the American people, had cut off funding for the contras, the band of killers who were attempting to overthrow Daniel Ortega’s government in Nicaragua. The CIA has a long history of destabilizing governments in Central America, including El Salvador. The CIA has almost always allied itself with brutal dictatorships, such as the Somoza regime, Dobert D’Aubisson (sp?) and the list goes on and on. Governments that have no regard for human rights, to kidnap civilians from their homes in the middle of the night, torture them, do not use courts and a legal process like we have, and who hire and send out death squads to terrorize their own citizens. This is all part of their war against the rebels, the opposition. No wonder these governments are not popular. No wonder some of the citizens, feeling caught in the middle, lend support to the rebels. Wouldn’t you?

The CIA has assassinated many legitimate leaders, elected leaders, of countries all over the world for decades. In 1957 when Iran’s democratically elected leader Mossadeq nationalized the oil refineries which at the time were owned by British companies, Britain complained to Washington D.C., which sent in the CIA to organize protests in the streets aimed at overthrowing Mossadeq. When those failed, the CIA assassinated him.

The books by John Perkins are excellent and describe other CIA assassinations across the world. Read Confessions of an Economic Hitman and The Secret History of the American Empire, both by John Perkins. In one country after another, legitimate leaders who wanted their country’s natural resources to be used for the benefit of their people, and not for the benefit of U.S. and other foreign companies, have been targeted and assassinated. Yet there is hope. As Perkins describes on page 143 of The Secret History of the American Empire, in the years leading up to 2006, “Never before had so many voters sent to the highest office at the same time leaders who so strongly defended the rights of their people against the moneyed interests of the United States. Never before had there been such unanimity. Never before such a show of support for the poorest of the poor, both urban and rural. Or for indigenous populations. Never had colonized countries delivered such a powerful and unanimous message to their colonizer. It had not happened in the western hemisphere. Not in Africa or Asia. Although the Middle East also resisted the grip of empire, the struggles there took a terrible toll on the region’s own people. The Latin American revolution, on the other hand, was not just aimed at expelling foreign exploiters; it was a positive movement toward greater equality, freedom and social reform. For the most part, it was peaceful. Its impact reached around the planet and was setting an example; it accomplished concrete goals and inspired people on every continent.” This summary is at the end of chapter 26, which along with preceding chapters describes the situations and developments in Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, and Uruguay.
John Stockwell was a CIA officer who was running the war in Angola. In the early 1980s a Californian found out about this, made an appointment to meet with his Senator, briefed his senator on this illegal and covert war, and the Senator promptly went to the floor of the Senate and spoke up against the war. All he did was reveal it. That was enough. The Senate cut off funding and the war was over. You can watch an excellent video by John Stockwell giving a speech called, “Americas Third World War: How 6 million People Were killed in CIA secret wars against third world countries”, at this site:

Stockwell has been giving speeches around the country since the mid 1980s to tell America about the CIA’s secret wars. On this page you will find the text of a lecture by John Stockwell in October, 1987 called “The Secret Wars of the CIA”.

At any moment the CIA is actively destabilizing something like 50 different countries around the world. Destabilizing includes a long list of actions intended to make the living conditions in that country so bad that the government becomes unpopular and is replaced. The CIA wants it replaced, usually, by a brutal dictatorship with no regard for human rights, courts, freedom of the press or assembly, and which is friendly to U.S. business interests. In particular CIA agents have poisoned milk being delivered via truck to school children. That is among the many stories told by former CIA agents in a video found on the Teach Peace website. You can see why the CIA prefers to operate in secrecy. What American would support poisoning children’s milk?

The CIA was caught in the 1980s and in the 1990s running drugs in Los Angeles, that is dealing drugs, bringing drugs in and selling them to drug dealers. This was exposed by Michael Ruppert, a former decorated Los Angeles police officer who lost his job and career when he exposed it. A series in the San Jose Mercury News by Gary Webb called Dark Alliance that exposed this story.

Why would the CIA be dealing drugs in Los Angeles? For funding. When they get money the proper way, through Congress, the CIA is in some way accountable for that money (although the June / July, 2009 experience shows that that is not always the case). On the other hand if they can raise their own money and circumvent Congress then even that small amount of accountability is lost. The CIA likes it that way.

Former CIA director William Casey said words to the effect that, “The CIA owns everybody of any significance in the major media.” That explains why the U.S. mass media provides so little actual news about U.S. foreign policy, especially the actions of the CIA, and so much support for the government’s policies and wars.

Former President George Herbert Walker Bush was the CIA Director before becoming Vice President. He was also a CIA agent since he graduated from Yale, back in the 1950s.