Blonde in North Tower

Both FEMA and NIST published reports that included photographs showing a blonde woman in white pants standing in the North Tower impact hole. She is leaning to her left against a column. Her presence there proves that the official story is false. The official story is that the fire was so hot that it either melted or at least warped steel. There was molten steel in the basements of all 3 buildings. Yet for her to be standing there the temperature could not have been 2,000 degrees or anywhere near it. Steel melts at about 2,750 degrees Farenheit. Besides the other considerations that prove that the steel never reached this temperature due to the fire, this photograph proves it.

You can see these photographs at:

It’s on page 2-18 of this report. You can download this chapter quickly. She is standing right on top of the lower part of column 135.

It’s not the same photograph in the NIST report, but another photograph that shows the same thing. It’s on page 181 of this document which shows up in your browser as page 277. You can see the blonde woman in the white pants leaning to her left against a column.