9/11 Commission

441 days after 9/11, and only after months of pressure from some of the victims’ families, Bush agreed to set up a Commission to investigate 9/11. Compare this to other Presidential Commissions which were set up within 6 to 9 days after the Kennedy Assassination, Pearl Harbor, and the Space Shuttle accident. Bush originally appointed Henry Kissinger as Chairman, but Kissinger resigned when questions were asked about his business connections. In 2004 the 9/11 Commission produced its 571 page final report which has been called the Omission and Distortion report by Dr. David Ray Griffin, PhD., and many others (see our page on books). It is a cynical cover up and whitewash intended to promote the official story, conceal the facts, blame the Arabs, justify endless wars at home and abroad, and forever transform the political landscape of America so that it the national security state takes precedence over everything else and it’s not even considered proper to question any of this. The 9/11 Commission’s investigations and actions are clearly the product of the national security state.